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Canund Nation

We Are The Almighty Indigenous People 

        We are the people of a new nation, a great nation to come. Our people have been lost but now they are found. We get stronger by bringing our lost brothers, sisters home and bringing our people home. Not just any home, a place to thrive, where your family will live a better life. One where our kids will be safe. They can grow tall and strong and be warriors, artists, builders, inventors, engineers, programmers, and much more. 

The all mighty Indigenous People are standing up and saying “No more”. We stand together for our freedoms and rights. This is what Canund Nation is standing up for, us to be free as one people once again. Freedom, family, good paying careers, healing, and uniting our people as one… being the difference, and making the change that matters. 

Join Canund Nation and come build with us today. Membership is free, however, we do have options if people would like to make a donation. This helps us have people process applications faster. We accept anyone born in Canada, and you may be asked later on to prove this with a birth certificate and photo ID, or a treaty card.


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