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Canund Nation

We Are the Resilient Indigenous People

We are the people of a new and emerging nation. Our journey has brought us from loss to rediscovery, as we reunite with our brothers and sisters. Together, we build a home where our families can thrive, ensuring a better, safer life for our children. A place where they can grow into warriors, artists, builders, inventors, engineers, programmers, and much more.

The resilient Indigenous People are standing up and declaring, “No more.” We stand united for our freedoms and rights. Canund Nation is committed to this vision: to be free as one people once again. We strive for freedom, family, rewarding careers, healing, and unity – making a difference and driving meaningful change.

Join Canund Nation and help us build this future. Membership is free. We welcome all native-born Canadians, with the potential need to verify with a birth certificate, photo ID, or treaty card. If you would like to make a donation please e-transfer to 

Come, be part of this transformative journey.


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